About Us

HotDoc is Australia's largest and most trusted patient engagement platform with over 21,000 listed doctors and 8 million active patients

Nearly 1 in 3 Australians use HotDoc to connect with their preferred doctor. Patients use the platform to book online and better manage their (and their family’s) health. While practices and practitioners use HotDoc as an all-in-one solution to connect with new and existing patients.

At our core, our mission is to improve the health care experience for everyone in Australia. We do this by giving clinics access to online bookings, telehealth, appointment reminders, SMS recalls for clinical reminders and results, mobile and kiosk check-in, digital new patient registration forms, online prescription renewals, and tools for encouraging preventative health.






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The HotDoc Promise

Our team works hard to help our customers improve patient engagement and deliver better health outcomes. Living our values helps us make sure that our products and services promote quality healthcare for both clinics and patients.

  • We will never endorse non evidence-based health services on our platform

  • We will never knowingly undermine continuity of care

  • We will foster a company-wide ethos that prevention is better than cure

  • We will transparently reveal the results of any clinical initiative we undertake irrespective of whether they support or hinder our business goals

  • We will respect the privacy of patient details and maintain strict confidentiality of any patient information that we handle

  • We will closely scrutinise every decision we make to ensure they reflect each of our values


If your practice is looking to build patient relationships and improve your efficiency, you should ask any potential provider if they can make the same promises.


If you have any questions about our values and how HotDoc can help your practice, contact us on 1300 468 362 or email us at [email protected].

The HotDoc Story

In 2012 Dr Ben Hurst founded HotDoc as a way to better connect clinics and clinicians with their patients. His idea came from conversations had around the dinner table with his Mum (a GP) and his Dad (an ENT specialist) who spoke often of being bogged down in administration and at a loss when it came to keeping in contact with patients once they had left the clinic.

With the dream of building a platform that would allow health practitioners to keep their patients engaged between visits to the clinic, HotDoc began first as an online booking directory. Over time the platform has grown to a suite of products that help clinics not only keep their existing patients engaged, but attract new patients, improve their efficiency, and better the patient experience.

HotDoc was founded by Ben Hurst. Online bookings are released. HotDoc with the mission to improve patient access to healthcare through digital solutions.
Hotdoc create Australia’s first Secure SMS Recalls
HotDoc creates Inform and kiosk Check-in
HotDoc launched Results to Recalls.
October: Announced plans to raise $30 million, indicating investor confidence and potential for further growth and expansion [3].
HotDoc creates solutions to support Bulk Billing Consent for Telehealth Appointments and MyMedicare registrations for practices; introducing easy ways to capture consent from patients and collect patient registrations for the program.
HotDoc App is built and released into the App store.
HotDoc creates reminders and repeats
HotDoc creates new patient registration and place in Quene.

August: Raised $5 million in funding, aiming to leverage controversies surrounding customer data in the healthcare sector [2].
HotDoc launched Reviews and mobile check-in

October: Witnessed significant growth, adding 66 new team members, reflecting expansion and maturity within the company [5].
HotDoc focuses on accessibility, search filters and support articles are upgraded to help people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities find covid vaccine appointments in their language.

HotDoc’s Telehealth video appointments stay at no additional cost to practices.
HotDoc launched Quick Consults Patient requests, such as scripts or referrals are sent directly to your doctor’s computer saving your team admin time