Less hassle for your patients, more time for your practitioners

Repeat prescriptions and referrals requested and paid for from your patients' mobile devices

Save your practice time and money

Easy for your patients

Keeps your patients happy

Safe and secure

HotDoc handles all of the payment compliance and the patient is only charged when you approve the request

The features your practice needs

Simple ordering

Patients can order a repeat prescription or referral direct from your HotDoc booking page or from your own website

Practitioner approval
Email and SMS e-scripts

Send repeat prescriptions directly to your patients via SMS or email (selected practice softwares only)

All inclusive pricing

You only pay for each repeat that you approve, so unapproved requests don’t cost you anything

Full visibility

Easily view all pending Repeat requests in the HotDoc Dashboard

Customise for your practice

Choose how the Repeat is delivered — collection, fax, post, electronically and more

Choose the amount patients pay for each delivery option

Select which practitioners at your practice accept repeats referrals and prescriptions

Temporarily disable accepting Repeats (eg. for when your practice is closed) and add a message explaining why

Add your own customised Ts&Cs to Repeats requests

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