Managing the Accreditation Freeze

Presented by April Ratajczak
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Session = 1 CPD hour

This FREE webinar will provide the practice team, including nurses, GPs, practice managers and reception staff with an overview of what we can learn from the events of 2020 and how we can adjust our approach to accreditation preparation.

This session will cover:

  • Policy and procedure manuals mirroring your clinic and updating where needed
  • Creating an emergency continuity plan to keep your business providing essential care to patients during unexpected times
  • How experiencing bushfires and COVID has reminded us why accreditation and thorough documentation processes are important.
  • Maintaining the standards and treating your clinic as a business, without sacrificing care or the standards
  • Q&A with April Ratajczak, moderated by Magali De Castro

About the Presenter

April Ratajczak

Director & RN, Focus Accreditation

April Ratajczak RN, is the Founder and Director of Focus Accreditation. Working in Healthcare for over 20 years as a nurse, nurse manager and Practice manager, Focus Accreditation has been able to collate experience in all areas of General Practice to help achieve goals and a better clinic – with a major emphasis on compliance and morale. Focus Accreditation is an Australia wide expert in General Practice RACGP Accreditation, recruitment, management, and education. Focus accreditation works with Dynamic Startups, RACPG accreditation prep assistance (for both new and existing clinics), as well as clinic’s who are in need of assistance to improve functionality and compliance of their clinic. We have a strong passion for patient outcomes and realise that as a business, you don’t have to compromise patient care or the RACGP standards to have a successful and profitable business.
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