7 Ways to Civilise Your Practice Staff Room

Is your staff room in need of a refresh? If so, you need to read on. We’ve got some ideas that will take your practice staff room from meh to marvelous!

1. Create a Different Feel to the Rest of the Practice

When a staff room seems virtually the same as the rest of the workplace, it doesn’t feel very relaxing. By making an effort to give it a distinct feel, employees will be more likely to find it a good environment for recharging, rather than just more of the same. To do this, you might try painting your break room a different colour or giving it a unique layout.

2. Install Comfortable Seating

When a break room is filled with uncomfortable seating, people aren’t going to linger. While at first glance that may seem ideal (back to work!), it’s in your best interest to create a cosy place that people find inviting. After all, refreshed employees are more productive than employees who are running on empty. For that reason, we recommend you purchase comfortable chairs and a couch or two, even if they cost a little more money. Doing so will make your employees more likely to spend break time in there, returning to work energised.

3. Stock It with Fresh Fruit

Not only does a bowl of fruit liven up a sterile staff area, but it’s also a nice way to reward employees with a healthy treat. Rather than heading to the grocery store each week to pick up fruit for the office, consider a fruit delivery service like The Fruit Box or Aussie Farmers Direct. For a relatively small sum, you can arrange to have a variety of fruits delivered straight to your office every week.

4. Give Staff an Opportunity to Offer Feedback

Employees like being able to offer feedback. Fortunately, a staff room is the perfect place to provide them with that opportunity. Create a box that employees can anonymously drop suggestions into and then, check the box a couple of times a month. It’s important to note here that it’s not just enough to check the box. We encourage you to implement some of the good suggestions you get. Not only do employees want the opportunity to offer feedback, but they’d also like to see their good ideas put into practice.

5. Free Coffee and Tea

Few things are more welcoming in a staff room than coffee and tea. However, we recommend you forgo the instant coffee route. Instead, get a brewing machine or espresso maker. While pods offer the most convenience, they’re also the most expensive to use so keep that in mind when selecting a machine for your office. To navigate your various coffee maker options, check out the article, How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker for Your Office.

6. Install a Message Board

A message board will give your staff room that human touch. Use it as a place to post reminders, upcoming company events, local community activities, and wedding/baby announcements. If you have future recreational staff activities planned, a message board is a great place to post signup sheets.

7. Include Games and Books

Games are an easy way to help employees relax while promoting bonding among teammates. However, take care when making your selection. You don’t want to choose loud games, for example, that will be distractive to others. Instead, we recommend books, board games, and if you have the space, team games like foosball or table tennis. These types of items will increase the likelihood of employees not only using their break room, but also enjoying it.

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