Appointment reminders that work

Automatically notify patients about upcoming appointments and let them confirm, cancel or reschedule in just a few clicks

A time and money saver for your practice

Reduces DNAs and late cancellations

51% fewer no shows for clinics that use HotDoc Reminders compared to a non-automated system

Prevents lost revenue

A practice that normally has two ‘no shows’ per day can save $450 per week based on $85 for a standard consult

Saves time manually sending reminders

No more exporting lists from your practice software, or manually sending reminder notifications

Designed for an exceptional patient experience

Reduces forgotten appointments​

71% of patients want reminders sent to them via SMS


Easy to reschedule

Patients can book a new appointment directly from the Reminder — no need to call your practice

The features your practice needs

No need for patients to call your practice

Patients can cancel or reschedule their appointment simply by responding to the SMS

Fill the cancelled appointment

When patient cancels or reschedules, their appointment slot automatically re-opens for new appointments

Customise for your practice

Used and trusted


reduction in no shows for clinics that use Reminders compared to a non-automated system


of patients want appointment reminders


prefer SMS as a way to receive appointment reminders
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