Streamline phone calls for faster, friendlier service

You don’t need to choose between efficiency and personal connection — Caller ID gives you and your patients a seamless experience with every phone call.

Identify patients instantly and accurately

Existing patients are automatically identified by phone number so you know exactly who’s calling before you pick up the phone.

Patient details right at your fingertips

Save time and say goodbye to hold music with direct access to the patient’s details, including SMS notification history, past and future appointments.

An exceptional patient experience every time

Use the patient’s name confidently for a more personal touch

Reduce the chance of mistakes or misunderstandings

The patient’s information is ready to go so you can focus on their needs

How it works:

Use the helpful guide on your dashboard to check that your phone system is compatible

Caller ID will seamlessly integrate with your current phone number and system

Patients can call as normal and HotDoc will automatically search the patient database for their phone number

You’ll see their name in the Sidebar when the phone rings and easily access their details from there, along with past and future appointments

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