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Quick Consults

Online healthcare from your regular doctor


of patients prefer online care with their regular doctors. HotDoc Quick Consults meets patient demand with a faster, convenient solution. Join HotDoc- with 11 million patients, the best place to effortlessly connect and retain your patients.

What is Quick Consults

Patient requests, such as scripts or referrals are sent directly to your doctor’s computer saving your team admin time.

Doctors respond directly to requests from their patients, streamlining communications.

Receive payments for requests into the clinic’s account or directly into your practitioners individual accounts. 

Great for busy practices

Meet patient demand:

Meet patient demand: 60% of patients prefer online
healthcare with their regular doctor – Quick Consults makes it possible!

Offer speed and convenience:

Deliver the convenience your patients crave, right at your clinic.

Retain your loyal patients:

Cater to the 1 in 5 patients who have switched to other virtual service providers in the past year 2.

Loved by doctors

Safe online care

Doctors approve or decline requests with
a note, while patients only pay for completed consults.

Increase earnings

More billable items, fewer unpaid work
hours for doctors.

Flexible schedule

Doctors can respond to requests easily
via the HotDoc Sidebar at their convenience.

The experience your patients expect


No more travelling for repeat scripts and referrals.

Faster delivery

Receive repeat scripts or referrals from your

regular doctor, delivered in your preferred way.

Simplified requests:

Patients can access Quick Consults on their HotDoc App, your HotDoc Profile or the Clinic Website for repeats and referrals from their trusted doctor.

"Saves both my & the doctor's time. No driving for a 1-hour return trip. No sitting in the waiting room with a mask on."

HotDoc Patient Survey, 2023

Used and trusted

2.5 hrs

Reduced calls and admin every week*


Patients that switched to virtual care in the past year

3 hrs

faster response time for patients with Quick Consults

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Quick Consults is online healthcare from your regular doctor, powered by HotDoc, Australia’s leading patient engagement platform. Patient requests, like online repeat scripts and repeat referrals, are sent directly to your doctor, saving your team time on admin and reducing phone calls.

Quick Consults is online healthcare from the regular doctor. With full access to a patient’s historic medical records, doctors can safely evaluate the online request and ask to see the patient in person if required. The patient benefits from care by a doctor who knows their entire medical history while doctors retain loyal patients.

With 1 in 5 patients looking for healthcare outside their regular GP, Quick Consults allows doctors and clinics to deliver the convenience their patients crave. It’s safe as doctors can review and decide on requests, whilst patients only pay for completed consults. Doctors also benefit from increased earnings, with more billable items and fewer unpaid work hours.

Clinics save an average of 2.5 hours weekly from reduced admin and fewer phone calls. Sarah O’Connor, Practice Manager at Bundall Medical Centre: 


“Previously we were receiving upwards of 50 calls a day for requests, this has streamlined the’s also more affordable than a consult and means we save appointments for those who really need them… it’s less workload for admin and the doctors are getting paid for extra services” – Bundall Medical Centre

Patients love Quick Consults! 71% of patients surveyed said they were delighted with using the serviceThe main benefit has been the time-savings of avoiding travel to the clinic. The faster delivery time has also streamlined patient requests, as approvals are sent directly to them and in their preferred way.  Sending requests directly to doctors has also simplified access to care, as patients can easily use Quick Consults from their HotDoc App, the clinic’s HotDoc profile or website.

Yes, you absolutely can! A demo is a great way to understand how Quick Consults transforms access to healthcare at your clinic. Click the Book a Demo button on this page.

If you are an existing HotDoc customer, you can get started by going to your HotDoc Dashboard > Quick Consults section. If you need help, we recommend that you Book Time with your Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the simple steps to getting started with Quick Consults.


If you still need to become a HotDoc customer but are interested in Quick Consults, Book a Demo with one of our expert consultants at a time that suits you and they will take you through how Quick Consults and HotDoc transform access to care from your clinic.

Patients can easily access Quick Consults, such as repeat scripts and referrals from their HotDoc App, your HotDoc profile, or the clinic website. See here for a step-by-step overview.

As part of completing or rejecting the Quick Consult, the doctor can add a brief note with information that goes directly to the patient.

Firstly, Quick Consults is only for existing patients of a clinic. Patients who identify as new to the clinic are prompted to make an appointment instead. At the next stage, the doctor can decline the request with a note, asking the patient to make an appointment instead.

We have marketing assets available for your convenience, ready to be downloaded and utilised online or at your practice. You can also leverage HotDoc’s Broadcast and inform features to directly promote Quick Consults to your patients.

1 Rosedale Medical Practice has been a HotDoc customer since 2019 and has used Quick Consults from September 2023. Dr Jaspreet Saini is a sponsored member of HotDoc’s GP Advisory Board, a collection of Practitioners and Clinicians who provide input and recommendations into the HotDoc offering to help us improve and continue to offer great features and services. This case study was provided by Dr Jaspreet based on the clinic’s experience using Quick Consults and in the course of his sponsored role on the GP Advisory Board.
2 Clinics save an average of 2.5 hours per week, based on 5 repeat requests per 6 GPs, with each taking 5 mins to administer. 6 GPs is the average number of GPs across the HotDoc customer base. (terms and conditions).