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We’re always adding to the HotDoc platform to improve the experience for both practices and patients.

Updates to the Recall Activity Log

We’ve listened to your feedback about wanting more details in your Recall Activity Log and we are excited to share that we’ve done just that! You can now view more details around the progress of your patients Recall activity within your HotDoc Dashboard including tracking changes to the recall sequence (who did what, when), see why a recall didn’t send to a patient, appointment status visibility (see if your patients attended their appointment or not), view upcoming appointments (synced from the recall table) and a more detailed activity feed for Results correspondence (including what changes were made to the result). 

Direct to Practitioner Payouts for Quick Consults is Now Available!

Exciting times! You can now directly payout practitioners for their completed Quick Consults.

Quick Consults is here!

Patient scripts and referrals are sent directly to your doctor’s computer, saving your team valuable admin time.

Doctors can now restrict their online bookings to existing patients.

Plus, it’s customisable per practitioner and based on when they last saw the patient!

Bulk Billing consent form update

We’ve updated our feature to ensure it’s compliant with the new Medicare benefit form approved by Services Australia for Telehealth bulk billing

Digital MyMedicare patient registration form

We’ve digitised the MyMedicare patient registration form and created a MyMedicare Broadcast template, both of which are now available in your HotDoc Dashboard

Telehealth Bulk Billing consent feature

Our latest feature streamlines written consent for all Telehealth bulk billed appointments, including those booked via HotDoc or through your practice.

Direct to Practitioner Payouts for Payments

Easily set up practitioners to receive payments directly to their own accounts.

More customisable Reminders settings

To make the Reminder settings more user-friendly, we redesigned the layout with more options to edit and update your appointment reminders.

Enrol patients at your practice for MyMedicare

If your practice has registered for MyMedicare’s Voluntary Patient Registration model, you can start informing your patients and capture their interest in registering at your practice.

Easily get telehealth video bulk billing consent

Practitioners can now select item numbers to claim and prompt patients for their bulk billing consent during video consults. When accepted, it automatically writes back to the Practice Software.

Never miss a message in your Dashboard again

Forgot the details of a feature update? Go back in time and scroll through recent releases, improvements, and tips by clicking the Messages button at the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Slash your to-do list on the Recalls summary page

Easily access Recalls information, check their progress, and see an actionable summary of tasks to complete on the brand new Recalls summary page.

Exempt bulk billed patients from adding card details

Streamline the patient journey by exempting certain patients who are usually bulk billed from adding their payment method online.

Search by the patient’s name for Reminders

You can now search by the patient’s name on the Future Reminders, Unsent Reminders and History pages to see if the reminder has been sent/not sent and check the status of this reminder.

Push notifications for practice booked payments

Practice booked payment requests will convert to more completed transactions now that we send a push notification in addition to SMS and email.

Pre-authorise Repeats payments

Stripe users, this one’s for you. Stripe now pre-authorises the full amount for repeat requests and only processes the payment when you click “Approve” on the Prescription or Referrals Requests page.

Easily pass the Payments processing fee on

Forget manual calculations and sticky notes on your monitor with appointment costs written on them. You can now automatically pass the payment processing fee on to patients.

Check out your practice’s Broadcast credits

Not sure how many Broadcast credits your practice has available? If there are available credits, you’ll see the balance on your Dashboard.

URL update in Recall SMSs

Patients will now see hotdoc.com instead of htd.io in the Recalls SMS link they’ll have to click on.

Availability calendar

On the new availability calendar, you’ll have a visual overview of your practitioner sessions, custom session, and hidden sessions.

Payout practitioners directly

Set up individual practitioner payout accounts to automatically settle consultation fees via HotDoc.

Easier Payments reporting

Payments reporting and reconciliation have become much easier with the new and improved reporting page. Find more search filters, subtotals, payment status and type, and bulk reconciling.

Mobile patient alerts

Control a patient’s ability to book online appointments at your practice by creating a patient alert using the patient’s mobile number.

Payments Processing Fee Reduced

Reduced payment processing fee

Payments, Repeats and Referrals have become a whole lot cheaper now the processing fee is reduced from 2.75% to 1.75% (+ $0.30) per transaction.

Secure HotDoc accounts with MFA

Secure HotDoc accounts with MFA

Add an extra layer of protection to your HotDoc account by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA gives you the choice of either receiving a verification code by email or through an app when you log in.

Request payment details upfront

Request payment details up front

Simply send patients a payment request by SMS or email for all types of appointments directly booked at your practice with practice booked payments.

More flexibility with consent and custom forms

More flexibility with consent and custom forms

Consent and custom forms just got a lot more flexible with an extra setting where you can choose how often you want patients to fill in the form.

Easily manage email notifications

Easily manage email notifications

Easily enable or disable email notifications for your HotDoc user accounts for Sidebar actions, appointment confirmation requests, appointment cancellations, and more.

HotDoc becomes heaps more accessible

HotDoc becomes heaps more accessible

Our search filters and support articles are upgraded to help people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities find covid vaccine appointments in their language.

Recalls template

More personalised Recall messages

All Recall letter templates have been updated to address patients by their preferred name, instead of their first name.

Exciting improvements to the Support Centre

Finding the information you need is easier than ever through our new and improved Support Centre.

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