What's New

We’re always adding to the HotDoc platform to improve the experience for both practices and patients.

Digital MyMedicare patient registration form

We’ve digitised the MyMedicare patient registration form and created a MyMedicare Broadcast template, both of which are now available in your HotDoc Dashboard

Telehealth Bulk Billing consent feature

Our latest feature streamlines written consent for all Telehealth bulk billed appointments, including those booked via HotDoc or through your practice.

Direct to Practitioner Payouts for Payments

Easily set up practitioners to receive payments directly to their own accounts.

More customisable Reminders settings

To make the Reminder settings more user-friendly, we redesigned the layout with more options to edit and update your appointment reminders.

Enrol patients at your practice for MyMedicare

If your practice has registered for MyMedicare’s Voluntary Patient Registration model, you can start informing your patients and capture their interest in registering at your practice.

Easily get telehealth video bulk billing consent

Practitioners can now select item numbers to claim and prompt patients for their bulk billing consent during video consults. When accepted, it automatically writes back to the Practice Software.

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