Conversations with doctors progressing the field of medicine. We talk to cardiologists, paediatricians, surgeons, psychiatrists, dermatologists, and every specialty between.

Presented by HotDoc. Hosted by Michael McKay.

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Dr Daniel Kraft

The future of medicine

S01E09 | Dr Richard Weller

Sunlight and heart health

S01E08 | Dr Mark Tyndall

Harm reduction for opioid use and vaping

S01E07 | Dr Nina Shapiro

Paediatrics and medical myths

S01E06 | Dr Donald Berwick

Quality improvement

S01E05 | Dr Jud Brewer

Breaking habit loops

S01E04 | Dr Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

What physicians can learn from vets

S01E03 | Dr Thomas Insel

Serious mental illness

S01E02 | Dr Ron Epstein

Combating physician burnout

S01E01 | Dr David Riedel

An infectious disease specialist’s take on COVID-19

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