Fair Use Policy


Last updated: 11 November 2020
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1. Purpose of Our Policy

1.1 This Fair Use Policy (‘policy) applies to the included Appointment Reminder and Recall SMS’ (‘Message’ or ‘Messages’) sent by HotDoc on behalf of a clinic as part of the included messages in their per GP pricing model.


2. General

2.1 HotDoc Online Pty Ltd ABN 84 159 662 558 (‘HotDoc’) provides the patient engagement platform enabling clinics to accept bookings, interact with patients and send health-related communications (‘Platform’).

2.2 All references to ‘us,’ ‘we’ and ‘our’ in this policy are references to HotDoc. All references to ‘you’ and ‘your’ in this policy are references to the general clinics, practitioners and employees of medical practices who are customers, or potential customers, of our products and services (‘Clinic Representatives’).

2.3 From time to time, we may update this policy. If we do so, we will post the updated policy on this webpage (https://www.hotdoc.com.au/practices/fair-use).


3. Fair Use

3.1 Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure transparency in what is included in your subscription and give guidelines around accepted use.

3.2 You will use the HotDoc platform and all products as per their intended purpose, to interact and engage with patients by sending messages that are relevant to your clinic and the health interests of your patients.

3.2.i Reminders are to provide appointment reminders to your patients for scheduled appointments.

3.2.ii Recalls are to be used to facilitate clinical reminders for your patients to book a follow-up appointment, often initiated by a practitioner.

3.2.iii Broadcast is excluded from the included messages in your subscription and will be billed per message as used. It is a health promotion product and is to be used when you want to provide important clinical information or health-related messages en-mass to patients.


3.3 Reminder and Recall SMS templates are to be constrained to one (1) SMS credit, containing a maximum of 160 characters per individual message.


3.4 Reminders are restricted to one message per appointment, per patient, per practitioner.


3.5 Recalls are restricted to a maximum of three messages per recall type, per patient, per practitioner. E.G. A practitioner may send an initial clinical recall and two subsequent follow-up messages (total = three) for each clinical recall reason.


3.6 Excessive use is the continuing and unreasonably disproportionate act of sending more messages than included for reminders and recalls per practitioner, per clinic, per month where it exceeds the above message allowances.


4. Violation of Fair Use Policy


4.1 If a clinic exceeds the Fair Use Policy in SMS usage, HotDoc will endeavour to work proactively with you to help you reduce any excessive SMS usage including utilising other messaging options like in-app messaging ensuring you are still able to maintain the best possible patient experience whilst adhering to the Fair Use Policy.


4.2 If a clinic continues to exceed the Fair Use Policy after consultation with HotDoc, we reserve the right to charge for the excessive SMS usage during your next billing cycle for excessive SMS’ as defined in this Fair Use Policy.