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On-Demand Workshops (CPD)

Google Reviews

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Google Reviews and the role they can play in influencing your practice’s reputation.


Suitable for: General, Dental and Specialist Practices

Practice Growth

Learn about the three essential phases that can assist in the growth of your practice in a steady, sustainable and financially viable way.

Suitable for: General, Dental and Specialist Practices

Practice Efficiency

Learn what running an efficient practice looks like while embracing elements such as technology, marketing & automation.

Suitable for: General, Dental and Specialist Practices

Preventative Health

Master how to effectively educate patients on preventative health and how it can impact health outcomes.

Suitable for: General Practices

Reduce “Failure To Attends”

FTAs can cost your practice time and money. Find out ways you can reduce patients not turning up to their appointments.  

Suitable for: Dental Practices

Reduce “Did Not Attends”

DNAs can cost your practice time and money. Find out ways you can reduce patients not turning up to their appointments. 

Suitable for: General Practices

Perfecting Dental Recalls

Find out how you can create a successful recall framework that will not only get your patients back in but save you heaps of time as well.

Suitable for: Dental Practices

Technology Post-COVID

Explore the technological advancements in healthcare & how it’s enhanced the patient experience, specifically post-COVID.  

Suitable for: General, Dental and Specialist Practices

Increase Treatment Plan Completion 

Learn how you can implement a cohesive framework in your patient journey that will encourage them to stay the course of their treatment plan

Suitable for: Dental Practices

Track Key Metrics

We will walk you through six of the most important metrics that will help your practice thrive and grow successfully when tracked diligently.

Suitable for: Dental Practices

Google Reviews for Dental

Learn how you can use Google Reviews as an easy and effective way to increase your online presence and practice growth.

Suitable for: Dental Practices

Patient Retention for Optometrists

Discover the key to keeping patients with effective communication & efficient frameworks in your optometry practice.

Suitable for: Optometry Practices

Discussion Panels

Living with COVID-19: Prepare your Practice

Our panel explores ways your practice can navigate COVID-19 as we move away from the lockdown model. How can you keep your practice, staff, & patients in great health.

Living with COVID-19: Staff Challenges

Our panel discusses how your practice can plan for potential staff shortages & challenges while identifying signs of burnout in yourself & your team.

Living with COVID-19: Business Planning

Our panel discusses how you can best safeguard your practice as the COVID-19 pandemic continues while ensuring the continued future growth of your practice.

Dental Patient Communication

Our panel takes a deep dive into patient behaviour insights and analysing the state of the dental industry by looking at the key takeaways from HotDoc’s Dental Patient Survey 2021.

Patient Communication

Our panel discusses how Australians’ expectations in general practice have changed after 9 months of COVID with the 5 biggest takeaways from HotDoc’s Patient Survey 2020.