Recall appointment notifications made easy

Send automatic appointment reminders to your patients via SMS or push notification

A time and money saver for your practice

More time for your receptionists

No need to manually create recall letters or call patients each month

Slash your postage costs

Notifications sent by SMS or Push Notification — unlimited messages included in your package

Fully automated

Set up a recall after an initial consultation without worrying about remembering to send it in the future

Designed for an exceptional patient experience


Patients can book an appointment direct from the Recall SMS or push notification — no need for patients to call your practice

The features your practice needs

Full visibility

Easily understand which recalls have been sent by each of your practitioners by filtering in your HotDoc Dashboard

RACGP compliant

Recall sequences for GPs comply with industry standards on notifying patients about follow up appointments

Auto pause

Recalls are automatically stopped when the patient books their recall appointment

Recall letter creation

Automatically generate recall letters to print and post to your patients if they don’t respond to SMSs or push notifications

Customise for your practice

Used and trusted


reduction in no shows for clinics that use Reminders compared to a non-automated system


of patients want appointment reminders


prefer SMS as a way to receive appointment reminders

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Automate your clinical reminders and non-urgent results reminders to save your practice costly hours manually calling patients and posting letters.


SMS recalls sent each year


SMS recalls sent each day


hours of admin saved each year

Australia’s first secure electronic recalls system

Automated recalls

A 100% automated service that allows practices to send SMS health reminders and results messages to patients, while meeting full RACGP accreditation standards.

Improve practice efficiency

Integrated into the doctor’s workflow, SMS recalls save staff time and practice costs by reducing the need to manually send letters and call patients.

Better patient outcomes

Ensure patients don’t fall through the cracks (and meet RACGP guidelines) with an automated recall sequence that contacts unresponsive patients 3 times before alerting practices to send a letter.

What other practices have to say

"HotDoc’s Recalls is quick and easy to do, plus efficient & cost effective for a busy general practice"
"HotDoc Recalls is saving us a bomb in postage… it's been brilliant!"
"We switched 5 clinics across to HotDoc because of the price, the ease of recalls, the online booking effectiveness, the check-in station, and the customer support.”

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