A place where you can be you

Our mission is to enable the best possible health care experience for everyone in Australia. 

The word ‘everyone’ lies at the heart of this mission. Healthcare is a human right and we see it as our responsibility to make our platform as accessible as possible to everyone in Australia. Achieving this goal is a journey of many small steps. The most important such step is building a workforce of empowered employees who are a positive reflection of the community of patients that we serve.

Be yourself in a safe place

HotDoc aspires to be a special workplace where you’re judged on two things and two things only: living our values and doing great work.


While it’s great to have a diverse workforce, the benefits of that diversity are only achieved when people feel safe to be themselves and share how they think and work differently. 


It is by living our values that we build an inclusive culture.

We are always empathetic

We are fully present and listen with open minds and hearts.  We have an open mindset and want to understand how others see and experience the world.

We speak up

We speak up and stand up for what we believe is right, even when it means taking a risk and challenging the status quo.


We’re also comfortable to speak up about ourselves, to share our own story about our diverse backgrounds, the experiences that we bring and our feelings of inclusion and belonging.  It’s by doing this that we build trust and safety.

We take ownership

We care and take pride in what we deliver.  We feel empowered to grow and excel by solving problems, coming up with new ideas, and developing new skills.  We ask questions and we listen.  We value different views and learn from new perspectives and experiences.

How we make you feel safe to be yourself

We care about each other

If you ever want to confide in someone, you will find yourself surrounded by empathetic colleagues.

We have a no jerks policy

Anyone who exhibits racism, ableism, homophobia or misogyny is considered a jerk and will not be tolerated.

Our workplace is anti-political

We can sniff inauthentic behaviour a mile away. Undercutting, politicking and backstabbing simply do not exist at HotDoc.

So please

  • Build lasting relationships with people in different departments and with different backgrounds
  • Let your colleagues know when you disagree with them
  • Be vulnerable and know you won’t be judged for it
  • Assume the best intent in your colleagues
  • Be a values driven person first
  • Just be yourself

A culture of inclusion creates equity for all

Our guiding principles are to treat all employees at HotDoc equitably and be as transparent as we can.


What we do

Proactively encourage candidates with diverse capabilities, backgrounds and experiences to apply for roles, especially if they are underrepresented in the company or within specific departments

What we don't do

Give a specific advantage to candidates based on their diverse background. Have hiring quotas based on gender / ethnic or other types of diversity.


What we do

Judge the performance of employees according to a consistent performance framework.

What we don't do

Judge the performance of employees differently based on their identity or background.


What we do

Provide candid feedback with genuine care for the person receiving it

What we don't do

Moderate how we communicate feedback based on the person’s identity

Diversity of thought

Opposing viewpoints are essential to working well together and arriving at the best decision. As part of our ‘Speak up’ culture, all HotDoc’rs should feel comfortable openly sharing their opinions and ideas.


Achieving a comfortable environment for speaking up requires an empathetic listener who genuinely cares for their colleague, and who is also willing to provide open and honest feedback on the idea/opinion and not on the person sharing the idea. Confrontation through challenging each other is encouraged.

We try our best to celebrate and encourage diverse viewpoints just as we do diverse people.

Supporting employees with health issues

Almost half of Australians (45%) will experience a mental illness in their lifetime* while just under half of Australians (47.3%) suffer from a chronic illness**

Without adequate support, employees with physical and mental health related conditions are often not equipped to succeed in their roles. As a company in the healthcare space, HotDoc aims to serve as a leading example for how to care for the health of our people in a supportive, non-judgmental way. 


Our approach is consistent with our belief that preventative care trumps reactive care. Just as we promote a better patient experience in the community, we aim to make it as easy as possible for employees to proactively access healthcare appropriate to their needs. We offer a flexible working environment where employees are judged for output and not clocking in and clocking out. 


We recognise that intense work in an agile environment may cause stress. As part of this, we encourage employees to share when they are doing it tough, so we can proactively help them through it.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2009). National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 4326.0, 2007. ABS: Canberra.

**Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ‘Australia’s Health 2018, 3.3 Chronic Conditions’

Our representation today

It’s our goal to have every HotDoccer feel that they belong. We encourage collaboration and conversation to learn about how we can be allies and support each other.


Victoria – 81%

Queensland – 8%

New South Wales – 4%

South Australia – 4%

New Zealand – 2%

Western Australia – 1%


Male – 50%

Female – 50%


18-24 years old – 2%

25-34 years old – 73%

35-44 years old – 23%

45-54 years old – 2%

Executive Leadership by Gender

Female – 25%

Male – 75%

Management Team by Gender

Female – 28%

Male – 72%

We want to get better

While HotDoc should rightly be proud of many things about our culture and how our people feel safe to be themselves, there are many areas where we can do better.


We welcome any recommendations from any employee at any time on opportunities or gaps in our organisation.

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