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Join our community ‘For the Love of Healthcare’. We’re a group of over 5,200 nurses, practice managers, practice owners, medical receptionists and doctors who use the platform to ask questions, share insights and blow off steam.

Whether it’s adapting to industry changes, navigating accreditation and standards, or just asking for general advice, we’re all about sharing ideas, opinions and resources to make our everyday lives easier and more rewarding.

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"I just wanted to say I love this group, I find it very supportive and non judgemental with the added bonus of providing current info. As a new grad I learn from every single post. Thank you all"
"Just a huge thank you as this group saves me almost weekly. Always so supportive and with so many different fields and healthcare professions I'm constantly learning from the group."
"I have already been amazed at the information imparted by the high-quality posts and responses I have seen so far. Thanks for having me as part of your group, I look forward to learning more."


Any healthcare professional looking to connect with others. There is no limitation to what field or job function within healthcare can join.

Although we moderate the community, you do not need to be a customer of HotDoc to join.

We chose a “Private Group” via Facebook to host our community as we found that it was the most efficient way for members to connect with one another without needing to sign up to another platform. It also allows for links, tags and resource sharing to be easily accessible.

Absolutely! That way all staff within the clinic that have admin access to your clinic’s Facebook page can interact as your clinic within the community.

We do, HotDoc manages all member requests and monitors the group’s activity to ensure that members are adhering to the community’s strong rules and guidelines. View “For the Love of Healthcare” community rules here.