Using HotDoc Reviews at 7 Qualitas Health Sites: 4 Months On

Case Study

Andrew Morony is the Operations Manager at Qualitas Healthcare Australia. He looks after 12 practices in New South Wales, 7 of which are currently trialing HotDoc Reviews. We benchmarked each site’s Google rating and number of reviews back in July 2020 when the trial first started. We returned 4 months later to see how things were progressing.

Why HotDoc Reviews

Qualitas Health first started using HotDoc Reviews in an attempt to turn around some poor ratings that had been accrued by their practices prior to taking over management.

Andrew explains, “We purchased several clinics over the years that had poor track-records on Google reviews. For instance Hurstville City Medical Centre which we purchased more than 6 years ago had a Google rating of 1.2 stars for many years.

“Most of these were legacy issues—either prior to our ownership or due to doctors who are no longer with us. And because we haven’t had many recent reviews to dilute the numbers, they have pretty much stuck.”

“We wanted to improve the Google ratings at a few of our clinics, and for the others, we were looking to chase dominance in competitive areas.”

“We knew that if we could get more reviews then that would give us an edge over other clinics in the local area,” Andrew says.

To give these 7 clinics a boost on Google, Qualitas Health started using HotDoc Reviews to encourage patients to leave a review on Google after their appointment.

The results

After using HotDoc Reviews for just 4 months, Qualitas Health’s 7 trial clinics accrued an additional 400+ Google reviews. This is more than the total number of reviews received by these clinics prior to July 2020quite a feat considering most of the sites have had a presence on Google for over a decade.

Here is an overview of the Google reviews and ratings so far:

Andrew says, “I think [HotDoc Reviews] works really well for patient engagement. Patients can see that their feedback is valued and viewed as important. It gives those who have had a great experience an opportunity to share their experience and to have their views recognised. And if they haven’t had a great experience, it’s an opportunity for us to learn.”

“When it's more than just a tick of the 5 stars we like to let our doctors know the feedback they’re receiving. They really like seeing how patients are responding to the service they’re providing.”

“Another benefit [of HotDoc Reviews] is that nobody has the ability to alter reviews,” Andrew says. “We’re simply giving patients the opportunity to write a review on Google. We’re not trying to get them to review somewhere else and we’re certainly not forcing them.”