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HotDoc integrates with coreplus, Cliniko and Nookal for seamless bookings

Ready to be found? Get listed in minutes!

HotDoc Profile + Online Bookings

Available for practices using coreplus, Cliniko or Nookal


HotDoc Profile


/ new patient booking

Access to over 9 million patients

Online bookings

Seamless integration with coreplus, Cliniko and Nookal

Customisable profile

HotDoc Profile

Available for all allied health practices 


Additional fees may apply if you’re a telehealth only provider or you manage more than ten sites.

Access to over 9 million patients

Customisable profile

Link to your practice website and contact details

FAQs for psychology practices

‘HotDoc Profile + Bookings’ is available if you use a PMS that integrates with HotDoc.

It enables patients to book an appointment directly from their HotDoc Profile.

Practices with a ‘HotDoc Profile’ without bookings enable patients to view information about their practice and then visit their website or call the practice directly. 

You will only be charged for a new patient booking if you wouldn’t get that patient if you weren’t on HotDoc. Therefore we follow these rules:


– It’s only a ‘new patient’ when that patient is not already in your PMS.

– The appointment is booked via or the HotDoc App. 

– You can install the HotDoc booking widget on your website but you will never be charged for a booking via that widget.

– We will never buy search ads to target patients who are searching for your practice name on Google.


If you believe you’ve been charged for a new patient incorrectly, please email [email protected] and we will credit your account with no questions asked.

Patients can find and book appointments via, the HotDoc App, or the HotDoc booking widget on your practice website.

We currently integrate with coreplus, Cliniko and Nookal. This enables HotDoc to seamlessly communicate with your appointment book to read available time slots and write appointments back in. 

Yes. You can still list your practice with HotDoc by creating a free ‘HotDoc Profile’. 

We’re currently working on integrations with major software providers. While we can’t give you a definitive timeframe, if you create a free HotDoc Profile, we will be in touch once an integration with your practice software is ready. 

The security and safety of your practice and patients’ data is our highest priority. We will never sell patient data. If you want to read more about how we protect your data, visit our security page here.  

You can cancel your subscription anytime! Please email [email protected]