Eligibility screening update: All patients over 50 years old can now book a vaccine appointment from 17th May

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HotDoc's COVID-19 vaccine solution

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Find and book a vaccination appointment

Your practice will appear in search results on HotDoc when patients search for COVID-19 vaccine clinics in their area.
Booking an appointment is easy, with no phone calls or assistance from your reception staff needed.

Multiple bookings in one appointment slot

Book as many vaccine appointments as you want to in each time slot for any practitioner.

For example, one practitioner can book four appointments in a 15 minute booking slot and another could book six.

Screen for eligibility

Ensure patients meet the right vaccine phase requirements. Patients are asked mandatory screening questions before being allowed to book.


Questions meet Department of Health requirements and will be automatically updated as the phases change.

Digital patient consent

Patients are sent a digital form before their appointment and give consent on their computer or phone before they arrive.


The form is based on government requirements but can be edited to suit your practice. It is uploaded as a PDF to the patient file in your practice management software.


View a sample consent form >

Two dose bookings

Patients can book their first and second vaccine dose appointments at the same time on the HotDoc app or via your website.


The minimum time between each appointment is automatically set based on government guidelines for each vaccine brand.

Pre and post appointment communications

Patients are sent key vaccine information via email and text before and after their vaccine appointment.


The messages are editable and are sent automatically after a patient has booked and after they have completed their appointments.

Multiple staff appointments

We’ve made it easy for you to schedule two practice staff for each vaccine appointment eg. a practitioner and a nurse.

Setting this up for your choice of practice staff is simple and can be done in seconds from your HotDoc Dashboard.

Vaccine management

Manage appointment availability based on your practice’s vaccine stock levels. Your practice is notified when you reach your limit so that you can prevent further online bookings being made.

National Health Services Directory Support

Your practice will automatically appear on the National Health Services Directory, healthdirect website as accepting vaccine appointments


After selecting your practice, patients will get a quick link to book an appointment.

Inform your patients

Make sure your patients know you’re accepting vaccines appointments


Inform Campaign

Let your patients know that your practice is accepting COVID-19 vaccine appointments for eligible patients.


You can set the campaign to appear after a patient has made a booking, confirmed a reminder, checked in online, or completed a new patient registration form.


Broadcast Template

HotDoc Broadcast is an easy way to send SMS messages to your patient database.


We’ve created a government approved COVID-19 vaccine SMS template that helps get the word out that you’re open for vaccine appointments.


SPECIAL OFFER: $0.04c/SMS for March and April.

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HotDoc vaccine FAQs

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