How Whole Medicine Increased Bookings for Preventative Health Checks During COVID-19​

Video Case Study

Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Principal GP and Founder of Whole Medicine, has been using HotDoc for over 4 years. In the video (above) she explains how HotDoc helped her practice thrive during COVID.

Eighteen preventative health campaigns in 6 months

From June to November 2020, Whole Medicine used HotDoc Inform to run campaigns for 18 different preventative health checks.

The HotDoc Inform campaigns included: COVID-19 safety, diabetes risk checks, heart health checks, travel clinics, flu clinics, care plans, healthy living and weight management, skin checks, asthma checks, cervical screening tests, mental health and nutrition.

Above: Example of what a patient would see for the HotDoc Inform flu campaign

In 6 months, thousands of Whole Medicine‘s patients saw HotDoc Inform messages for preventative health check-ups. Michelle says, “The campaigns certainly boosted our bookings for preventative health checks, even during COVID.”

In 6 months (Jun-Nov 2020) at Whole Medicine…


COVID-safety alerts viewed by patients


preventative health campaigns run


SMS appt reminders viewed

Above: The HotDoc Dashboard where practices can select Inform campaigns

How Inform works

HotDoc Inform works by displaying health messages to patients after they have booked an appointment through HotDoc, confirmed an appointment reminder or checked-in online. 

The feature allows practices to educate patients on 20+ preventative health services and encourage them to book in for check-ups. Campaigns are set to only target the most relevant patients. 

To date, millions of Australians have viewed HotDoc Inform campaigns, triggering thousands of additional  appointments. 


Inform campaigns viewed


SMS broadcasts delivered


clinics using COVID Inform campaign

Why I chose HotDoc: Dr Michelle Woolhouse