How HotDoc Saves Us Time and Improves Our Patient Engagement

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse, Practice Principal from Whole Medicine explains why she chose HotDoc and the results her clinic has seen in the past year.

The Challenge

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse, Practice Principal from Whole Medicine, was looking for a less labour intensive way for her clinic to send recalls and reminders to patients, as her staff were losing a lot of time manually processing send outs. The clinic was also looking to fill more of their booking calendar with acute appointments, as often patients assumed the clinic was all booked out, because they didn’t have visibility on their doctors calendars.

As well as these improvements, Michelle was looking for an all-in-one solution to let her patients know about a new preventative health service they were offering at the clinic called ‘The big health check’.

“Our patients seem to really love HotDoc because it gives them the control over when [booking] is suitable for them,”

The Solution

Michelle explains, “I was originally looking at another provider but it wasn’t quite the right fit. That’s when we looked to HotDoc. The thing that originally attracted me was the look and feel of the platform. The user experience for both patients and doctors was seamless”.

After making contact with HotDoc, Whole Medicine was set up with Online Bookings, Reminders, Recalls and Inform.

Michelle explains, “At first our staff were concerned about taking on a new system, but after a couple of months we saw a big reduction in the time spent manually processing recalls and reminders. We also saw a big jump in our bookings, which was great”.

After one year of using HotDoc, Michelle was able to take full advantage of HotDoc’s patient engagement platform. She explains, “Once we started using HotDoc, we were able to see all the other benefits — not only bookings and recalls and reminders — but the tools for educating patients on chronic disease management and preventative health services. The fact that we could let patients know about these services in an easy and non-intrusive way was really important”.

The Results


  • Weekly bookings have increased
  • Reception staff have more time to spend with patients
  • Patients are better educated on preventative health and wellness services