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Dr Ron Epstein—Combating physician burnout

Duration: 56:58

Uploaded: April 30th, 2020

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About Dr Ron Epstein

Dr Ron Epstein is a Harvard trained family physician who started out practicing in the 70s when the HIV epidemic was just emerging and there was no treatment. Since then he has spent 40 years working in end of life and advanced cancer care.

Dr Epstein is also a lifelong meditator and mindfulness coach, and is the co-director of Mindful Practice Programs, which offer 4-day retreat-like workshops for doctors, to show them how they can provide better care for their patients by taking better care of themselves. These retreats show clinicians not only mindfulness techniques for dealing with stress, but also how to build resilience and how to protect yourself from burnout and bitterness by getting out of your own way.

He also wrote the book ‘ATTENDING—Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity’. The first published book on mindfulness and medicine.

Show notes

Check our Dr. Ron Epstein’s website here and his University of Rochester Medical Centre profile here.

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