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Dr Barbara Natterson-Horowitz—What physicians can learn from vets

Duration: 46:13

Uploaded: June 01, 2020

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About Dr Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

Dr Barbara Natterson-Horowitz is a cardiologist and Professor at Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. She also co-directs UCLA’s Evolutionary Medicine Program and is a Professor of Medicine at UCLA’s Division of Cardiology. 

As well as being a physician, Dr Natterson-Horowitz has also had the unique experience of operating on dozens of different species of animals, working as a consultant surgeon for the Los Angeles Zoo. She has operated on everything from apes to birds, big cats to sea mammals. 

Along with veterinarian Kathryn Bowers, Dr Natterson-Horowitz wrote the book ‘Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health’ where she shares her multispecies patient insights. The book became a New York Times bestseller. More recently she and Kathryn released their book ‘Wildhood: The Epic Journey from Adolescence to Adulthood in Humans and Other Animals’.

Show notes

Check our Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz’s website here and her UCLA profile here.

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