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Dr Jud Brewer—Breaking habit loops

Duration: 54:14

Uploaded: June 15, 2020

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About Dr Jud Brewer

Dr Jud Brewer is an addiction psychiatrist and internationally known expert at treating addictions with mindfulness. He has spent the past 20 years at Yale, MIT and Brown University studying how our brains form negative behaviour patterns, bad habits and addictions. 

His TED talk—a simple way to break a bad habit—is in the top 50 most viewed TED talks of all time. At the time of this interview it had received more than 25 million views. 

Much of Dr Brewer’s research focuses on using mindfulness to break habit loops associated with things like smoking, overeating and anxiety. His company MindSciences actually has three apps for combating these. The apps are called Eat Right Now, Unwinding Anxiety and Craving to Quit. The apps are built on research conducted by Dr Brewer’s team.

Show notes

Check out Dr Judson Brewer’s website, full of resources, his range of addiction programs and apps.

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