9 Ways to Encourage Patients to Download the HotDoc App

Why encourage patients to download HotDoc?

There are several advantages to having your patients utilising the HotDoc app. The app not only allows patients to book in with their favourite doctor, faster, but it also helps encourage patients to return to your clinic next time, because when a regular patient of yours opens the HotDoc app they see your medical centre’s booking page first. 

How to encourage patients to download HotDoc

1. Display a poster in the waiting room

We recommend hanging a poster in your waiting room. We offer prints in A3 size. 

2. Have reception staff mention HotDoc (and hand out cards)

We also recommend receptionists mention HotDoc to new patients. To make things easier we’ve made some cards they can hand over when patients are checking in.

3. Display a countertop card at reception

For a more hands-off approach, we suggest displaying a countertop card on your reception desk close to where patients stand when they check-in.

4. Upload this video to your website and Facebook page

One of the most effective ways of passing on a message is through video. This is why we have made an explainer video solely for HotDoc clinics to display to their patients to make them more aware of the HotDoc app. To share the video click the paper plane symbol in the top right corner of the video.

We recommend embedding the video on your website and pinning it to the top of your Facebook feed. If you need help getting the video onto either platform, please let your Customer Success Manager know.

5. Activate the HotDoc App Inform campaign

We also encourage clinics to switch on our HotDoc App Inform campaign when they first come onboard. This will display an unobtrusive message encouraging the patient to download the app after they have made a booking or confirmed a confirmation reminder. 

6. Add an image to Google Posts

Another great piece of free real estate is available on Google by posting some images on Google My Business. These images often show up when your clinic appears in local search. 

7. Pin an image to Facebook

Similar to the above we also recommend you take advantage of free real estate on Facebook by pinning an image to the top of your feed. To do this, click the tab at the corner of the post. Click ‘Pin to top’. This means it will be one of the first images someone sees when they visit your Facebook page and can help those in a rush. 

8. Send out a SMS or email broadcast

If your patients have previously used another booking provider you may want to consider sending out a SMS or email broadcast to notify them that your preferred booking provider has changed. This can easily be done using HotDoc’s Inform Broadcast tool (shown below). Alternatively, you could use a free email tool like MailChimp. If you’re new to MailChimp here is a great place to start.

9. Add a footer to your website

We also encourage you to put a website banner at the footer of your services pages.


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