Announcing Inform: A Marketing Tool Built for Practices

Our team often hears about the challenge medical clinics face when marketing their services to patients. Patients are frequently unaware of the breadth of services offered by a practice, or ways that they can improve their health. 

HotDoc Inform is a new product that helps practices bridge this gap. Inform displays targeted messages to your patients at times they are already thinking about their health. Using Inform, you can improve patient loyalty and grow your business through targeted educational patient awareness campaigns.

What does Inform do?

“Version 1” of Inform adds to our SMART Reminders product. After the patient has confirmed or cancelled their appointment, they see a message promoting your clinic. Inform comes in a basic and pro version – with Pro, your messages will be targeted to the patient’s age and gender, ensuring that they see something relevant just before they visit the practice.

Examples that we have seen so far for how practices can use Inform include educating patients about:

  • Eligibility for the 45-49 year old health check (as mentioned in our recent webinar)
  • Travel vaccinations available at the clinic
  • The importance of regular skin checks
  • Online bookings or SMART Recalls

Inform will have a “call-to-action” for the patient to click through to call the clinic, book an appointment, or perhaps you just want to encourage them to talk to their GP when they see them the next day.

The best part is that HotDoc Inform supports not just images, but also video. We are building up a library of high-quality patient education videos that you can use, or you can provide your own. The videos are designed to play on mobile phones or any other device where the patient will see them.

Here’s an example of what you see as a practice:

Does Inform run third-party ads?

Absolutely not. HotDoc’s philosophy is all about ensuring that we protect the all-important relationship between patients and their preferred practice. Like with our Online Bookings product, you won’t see advertising from any third party, like medical loans (!) or competing local practices. You get to choose the Inform messages that your patients see.

What will happen next for Inform?

Inform messages will soon be part of other HotDoc products. For example, you will be able to show a targeted promotional message to patients when they check in on your HotDoc Kiosk, or after booking an appointment on your website. 

We are also working with practices to develop an end-to-end marketing solution, letting you send SMS or email blasts. If you’d like to be an early tester of these new features, sign up to Inform now and we’ll make sure you stay in the loop!

How much does Inform cost?

Inform Basic is free for all SMART Reminders customers. Inform Basic is a slimmed down version of the pro version, with some limits on which templates you can choose to display. 

Inform Pro includes all targeting and custom message features, and will cost $99 per month.

Not using SMART Reminders yet? You should! Request a demo here

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to hear about Inform and get an obligation-free demonstration, get in touch with our team at [email protected] and we’d be pleased to show you how you can improve patient engagement at your practice.

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