HotDoc Grows Up a Bit

In 2012 HotDoc was nothing more than a dream in a kitchen… it was no further along than marinara sauce. Eight years on and a lot has changed. We’ve entered new markets, built a lot of new products, and we recently welcomed our 100th employee!

In the last 3 years alone, 66 new faces have joined HotDoc. In 2017 there were 41 people at HotDoc, this climbed to 67 in 2018, 80 in 2019 and 107 today. This growth in headcount has allowed us to support a lot more users. Today 1 in 4 Australians and more than half of the nation’s GPs use our platform.

Finding our people

Toby Naylor, HotDoc’s Head of People, says, “The growth of the HotDoc team has meant we’ve been able to hire some very talented people who can help us advance our missionto improve the health care experience for everyone in Australia.”

Toby shares,

“One of the most important aspects of growing our team is thinking less about our Melbourne HQ—caring more about skills and less about geography.

So what positions are these new hires filling? 

While we’ve been focused on growing all departments within HotDoc, it’s important to note that around 50% of employees come from the product team and customer experience teamthe product team has around 25% of HotDoc’s people and the customer experience team has the other 25%. 

We like to think that investing so heavily in these departments is why our product is so easy to use and why our customer service staff are so readily available to support our users.

Take our response to COVID. Our product team flexed their might back in March when The Department of Health contacted us and layed down the ultimate challenge: can you build a standalone bookings product (which Australians can use to book in for a COVID test) in just 72 hours?

Watching our product team build this product from scratch in just 3 days was remarkable. To date more than 200,000 Australians have used the software to book in for a COVID-19 test at a respiratory clinic near them.

To complement this, our customer experience team showed off their equal might by winning the Customer Experience in a Crisis Award at Australia’s CX Awards. The prize was awarded for HotDoc’s response to COVID-19 and the support provided to our customers in a time of crisis. Winners of other categories included Commonwealth Bank and Telstracompanies hundreds of times larger than HotDoc.

Above: Meet HotDoc’s Support Team (Read the full story)

Above: Meet HotDoc’s Customer Experience Team (Read the full story)

More growth ahead

Toby says, “We’ll be continuing to hire and to grow. In fact, we’re hiring now.”

“Of course, it’s a big thing to go from startup to scale up. There will be many opportunities and many challenges that will come from more growth. We’ll focus on the opportunities and tackle the challenges as they arise,” Toby says.

“Growing in head count also gives us the chance to work out the special sauce—ie. what makes HotDoc HotDoc. That way we can stay us.

Most importantly, growing also ultimately means that we’re in a position to make an even greater contribution to improving Australian health carethe mission that unites all of our people.

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