Introducing Digital ‘New Patient Registration’ Forms

Save Time, Reduce Errors, Improve the Patient Experience

We’re excited to announce the formal release of our digital New Patient Registration forms. New Patient Registration gives HotDoc clinics access to an online version of their new patient registration form so patients can fill out their details prior to their first appointment.

Digital New Patient Registration forms are a great way to decrease the time staff spend manually entering patient details into their clinic’s PMS. The product also has the added benefit of minimising the likelihood of clerical errors, while adding a modern touch to the patient experience.

How it works

A link to the online New Patient Registration form can be sent to patients through an email appointment confirmation (if within 30 days of the appointment), or when a patient confirms their appointment via a SMS or in-app push notification reminder. Clinics can also manually send a link to the form via SMS, email or direct link.

Patients can access and complete the New Patient Registration form on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, anywhere at any time so long as they have internet access

Once a patient completes the form the submission will appear in the HotDoc Sidebar. Our software will automatically search for existing patients in the database and display if there are any potential matches before adding the patient’s submission to a new or existing patient file in the PMS.

Currently our software can automatically connect with 25 specific fields in the patient’s file, while the rest of the form can be copied and pasted across. We are adding more fields as we go.

The benefits

Save time

Digital New Patient Registration forms save receptionists time manually transcribing handwritten patient details into the PMS. The product also frees up staff from handing out physical forms and briefing patients on how to fill them out. 

And, because digital forms are filled out prior to patients arriving at the medical centre, they reduce the time doctors spend waiting for late arrivals to complete paper forms.

Improve data quality

As well as reducing human errors, which can often occur when staff are forced to manually enter hard-to-read handwritten information into the PMS, New Patient Registration also has built-in form validation on phone numbers and email addresses. This means the form will automatically detect if someone has written an incomplete number, added information to the wrong place in the form etc.

Better patient experience

Digital New Patient Registration forms also improve the patient experience by reducing the chances of patients becoming flustered in the waiting room when they don’t allow themselves enough time to fill out the form before their appointment.

Not to mention, the digital form gives new patients a superior welcome experience as they are able to make a booking, confirm their appointment and register their personal information when and where suits them.

Discover how your patients found you

The forms also include a field asking how your patients came to find your clinic so you can keep tabs on the sources bringing most new patients into your medical centre. In later updates clinics will also have access to a built-in report that allows you to easily keep track of where your patients come from over time. This means you can keep tabs on how other changes you make to your clinic affect new patient acquisition. 

How to get started

To get started call 1300 468 362 or email [email protected]. If you’re already using HotDoc call or email your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

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