The HotDoc Demo

What happens and when

How our demo process works

1. You set a time and date that suits you

Once you have clicked the ‘Book Demo’ button on this page and chosen your industry, you will have access to a calendar to book in the day and time that suits you.

2. A HotDoc product specialist will call you and share their screen

At the time of the demo, a product specialist will call you and share their screen. This means you’ll need access to a computer.

3. We’ll give you an overview of the full HotDoc platform

The product specialist will provide you with a helicopter view of HotDoc’s platform. We’ll customise the tour to address your clinic’s ‘pain points’.

4. Then walk you through the 2-3 products you’re most interested in

You’ll then tell the product specialist which 2-3 products interest you most and we’ll do a deep dive into these.  

5. You ask questions/we answer them

At the end we’ll open for questions. You’re also welcome to ask questions throughout.

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