Recalls made easier, every step of the way

Flexible and customisable recalls that automate your workload without sacrificing a personal touch.

Automatic follow up on incomplete recalls

HotDoc will automatically keep track if your patients don’t book after the initial recall, and follow up so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Customise the flow with up to three follow up messages

Messages will pause as soon as your patients book their appointment

Practical timing to help your front desk run smoothly

Recalls are automatically scheduled to be sent on the day they’re due, so no need to worry about a flood of incoming calls to your front desk.

Evenly distribute the recalls instead of sending them all at once

Lower call volumes make it easier for your team

Flexible options for every patient

Not sure if SMS works for all of your patients? No worries! Tailor the journey for different patient groups in a way that works for you.

Customise the experience based on demographics with simple filters

Patients can book directly from the recall SMS

Send patients straight to a call list, or easily generate a letter to send in the post

Unlimited recall SMS included in standard monthly cost— no additional fees

Ready to make life easier for your team?