Business Planning & Setting Goals in 2024

Presented by Riwka Hagen
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In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is business planning and how is it related to goal setting and quality improvement?
  • What are the RACGP accreditation requirements for business planning?
  • Brainstorming to inform your business plan
  • Keeping your plan current, relevant and practical
  • Q&A with Riwka Hagen

About the Presenter

Riwka Hagen

Principal Consultant, Medical Business Services

Starting her professional career as a Medical Scientist, Riwka successfully implemented and managed a regional laboratory of a major pathology provider before embarking on a career of medical practice management and General Practice accreditation surveying. She is the founding member and administrator of the Facebook – Practice Managers Network, a highly respected and worldwide forum for medical practice management networking.

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