Forms like no other

HotDoc’s new patient registration forms

5 things HotDoc forms do, most others don't

Two pre-built templates

We have two pre-built templates. One for collecting patient demographic details alone and one for collecting demographic details plus clinical information.

Fully customisable

You can take full control and custom edit your own form through the HotDoc Dashboard.

Automatically writes to the patient file

The patient’s information is automatically written to the patient file. This eliminates manual typing and reduces data errors. 

PDF copy is attached

For your peace of mind a signed pdf copy of the form is attached to the patient file.

Works with HotDoc bookings and phone/reception bookings

Our forms work for all new patients, not just those who come through HotDoc. Everyone has access.

Presented at multiple stages of the pre-consult journey

To maximise the chances of a patient competing a form prior to arrival, we’ll prompt them up to four times.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Patient thoughts on HotDoc forms

How HotDoc forms works

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