An exceptional waiting room experience

Let patients check in via tablet when they arrive at your waiting room

Reduce front desk crowding

More time for your receptionists

No need for reception to staff manually check in each patient as they arrive

More time for care

Spend more time with patients with complex health needs

Cleaner patient data

Allow patients to review, confirm or change their details, which instantly updates the patient file

Improve the patient experience

Respects patient privacy

Helps patients avoid potentially embarrasing conversations with reception staff

Quick and covenient

Enables patients to easily update and review their own personal information

The features your practice needs

Integrated with your practice software

Updates your clinical software to notify you of patient arrivals

RACGP compliant

Three point identification check required so only the right person checks in

Preventative health campaigns

Let your patients know about additional services at your practice through promotions on-screen

Customised for your practice

Greet your patients with your own welcome message

3 year warranty

Peace of mind that you won’t pay for repairs or updates

Across over 1 million check-ins on HotDoc Kiosks, patients have updated their personal details more than 63,000 times. This is equivalent to hundreds of staff hours saved.

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