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How HotDoc helps your practice

Reduce no shows and lost revenue

Automatically notify patients about their upcoming appointments and let them cancel or reschedule if necessary — so you can fill cancelled bookings fast.

Did you know?

HotDoc clinics have 51% fewer no shows compared to those who use a non-automated system.

Slash manual data entry

Throw away your clipboards and pens with forms that are completed before patients arrive at your practice and are easily uploaded to the patient file.

Did you know?

85% of patients booking via HotDoc complete their new patient registration before arriving at a practice

Automate your recalls

Clinical reminders that are set up to do your work for you — no more calling patients or spending huge amounts on postage.

Cut time checking-in patients

Less time on patient check-in means more time on patient care and practice growth. Mobile Check-In lets your practice focus on the things that matter.

Did you know?

8 mins – the average time a HotDoc patient checks in before their appointment

Eliminate payment collection phone calls

Send payment requests to patients via automated SMS.
Slash the time spent chasing bad debts over the phone.

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