Deep Diving into Your Dental Practice’s Case Acceptance Rates


Case acceptance rates are an essential metric for every dental practice. By tracking and analysing how your patients respond to the treatments you offer, you can unlock valuable information about their behaviour, preferences, and where your practice could improve on and increase revenue with minimal effort. 

We’ve created a free Dental Treatment Value Tracker to help you track your case acceptances and/or the potential revenue your practice could be making.

Here are some of the ways using a tracker like this can help.

Track exactly how much revenue your practice is making - or missing out on

Our tracker shows the dollar value for every treatment that isn’t being accepted, which often adds up to a substantial amount. Tracking the value of lost treatments creates awareness and a sense of urgency within your team to collectively address these gaps.


Remember that until your acceptance rates increase, there’s a potential “leak” in your practice. The longer you ignore it, the more patients and revenue you will lose over time.

Track how many treatment cases you are presenting each week

The only way to get higher case acceptance rates is simply by presenting more of them. By tracking your cases, you can get a snapshot of how many patients you are seeing each week. This will allow you to realistically gauge whether your practice has enough patients or if you need to engage in marketing campaigns to attract new ones in.

See which treatments are being accepted and which aren’t

Once you start tracking, you will start to see patterns in which treatments are being accepted or not. Apart from identifying your practice’s main revenue generator, it will also allow you to track the number of sub-optimal and optimal cases accepted. 


In line with your duty of care to your patients, dentists should always strive at getting patients to accept optimal treatment for the best possible outcomes. 


If the number of sub-optimal cases accepted outweigh the number of optimal cases, this could allow you to review certain areas that may require improvement – such as the way treatment options are being presented and explained, or pricing factors.

Frustrated by patients who don’t accept treatment plans, or worse, abandon them midway?

Register for our free on-demand workshop, Getting Patients to Complete Their Treatment Plans to find out how you can encourage patients to accept, commit to and complete their treatments.

Find out why patients are hesitating or rejecting treatments, and potential solutions

When patients hesitate over treatments or turn them down outright, the reason could be as simple as the way the treatment is being presented. The patient may not be fully aware of the condition of their oral health, and the long-term repercussions it may cause if they decide to neglect treatment.


Of course, as mentioned before – price could also be a factor. If tracking reveals this to be the case, it’s an opportunity to review your pricing structures and explore flexible payment options to support your patients financially, so they can proceed with treatment.

Track the types of patients accepting treatments and better understand their behaviours

Attracting patients who come in for an advertised scale and clean is one thing, but who are your ideal patients? By recording basic patient details alongside each accepted treatment, you’ll build up a picture of who keeps coming back—their ages, preferred modes of communication, average spend at your practice and health goals. All of this can help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to optimising what your practice offers.

Map out precise and effective marketing strategies

With sound knowledge and concrete insights into what’s working (and what’s not), you will be better equipped to set up marketing activities that have a higher chance of attracting your ideal patients. These are the patients who will more likely accept your treatment plans and go on to become your patients for life.

Tracking your case acceptance rates on a surface value is only half the story. By deep diving further, you will be able to unlock valuable insights and trends in your active patient base and proactively improve on the areas that will accelerate your practice’s growth.

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