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Using HotDoc to Deliver a Better Patient Experience

Dr Tamsin Franklin is the owner and principal GP of Turn the Corner Medical Clinic (TTC), a thriving general practice in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Northcote.

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Why TTC engaged HotDoc

TTC is a 12 GP, 2 nurse, 1 psychologist private practice with a reputation for providing an exceptional patient experience—just take a look at the clinic’s 250+ Google reviews and 4.9 star rating.

Dr Tamsin Franklin, Owner and Principal GP, says, “Thinking about the patient experience is really why I started the clinic in the first place. Patient engagement and the way we communicate with our patients is really the foundation of everything we do. That includes the technology we use to facilitate this communication, which is why we first started using HotDoc.”


TTC was looking for a software solution that would:

  1. Allow patients to book appointments online
  2. Encourage patients to take a more proactive role in their health
  3. Free up reception staff so they had more time to spend with patients in person


Each month 1,500+ existing patients and 200+ new patients book online at TTC using HotDoc.

Using HotDoc Online BookingsTTC receives more than 1,700 online bookings per month. For patients, this means they can book when they want, even after-hours, and they don’t have to wait on hold. They can also view their doctors full calendar, which Australians say is the #1 benefit of booking a doctor online. 

The added benefit is that 1,700 online bookings is 1,700 less inbound phone bookings. This has substantially freed up TTC’s reception team, saving an estimated 50 hours per month.

Each month 3,000+ Inform promotions are viewed by TTC’s patients, encouraging them to get preventative health checks.

Using HotDoc Inform, TTC displays preventative health messages to patients more than 3,000 times each month. These educational messages (for skin checks, diabetes risk checks, cervical screening tests etc) are displayed after a patient has successfully booked an appointment through HotDoc, confirmed an appointment reminder, or checked in using HotDoc.

Dr Tamsin Franklin says,

“Mostly HotDoc Inform helps improve the patient experience by being a gentle reminder… when the patient gets a non-invasive [preventative health] message, they can approach it in their own way and proactively take steps to do something.”

TTC’s reception staff are freed up so they have more time to spend with patients in person.

Dr Tamsin Franklin says, “HotDoc frees up our reception staff to do lots more valuable tasks, which might even involve checking in on someone in the waiting room to see if they’re okay.” 

As well as improving the experience for patients, this improves the experience for practice staff by allowing them to spend more time doing the thing they love—spending time with patients. 

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