Conversion Tracking with HotDoc’s Online Bookings Widget

There are two ways to track conversions with the HotDoc Booking Widget.


Option 1: Reference our tracking script 


This works for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Ads.


The simplest way to track conversions from your HotDoc Booking Widget is by copying the following HTML snippet and pasting it onto each page of your website that features the HotDoc Booking Widget. You can add it anywhere on the page.


<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

How do I add this HTML to my website?

In WordPress, for example, you can paste the above snippet onto a page using the ‘text’ side of the normal content editor.

Most websites will allow you to paste custom HTML onto a page fairly easily. If you’re not sure how to add HTML to your website, we recommend you request assistance from whomever manages your website.

Once you’ve added this code, you’ll probably want to complete your setup from within the tracking platform. For Google Analytics, for example, you’ll want to use these ‘Events’ to create ‘Goals’ in order to record your conversions correctly.

We’ve created some specific guides for each platform:

Option 2: Download our example script – Javascript (Advanced)


If you want to modify the way events are tracked, or you want to track to a different platform than the ones we’ve provided, use the script below. This script is a readable, commented version of the above snippet above.


The below script shows 3 Javascript events being produced by the HotDoc Booking Widget:


  • The patient sees the loaded widget

  • The patient interacts with the widget

  • The patient books an appointment


These events are then formatted and sent to event tracking protocols:


  • Google Analytics (gtag.js)
  • Google Analytics (analytics.js)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel (Note: only the final booking event is sent to Facebook).



	"use strict";
	// This script will look for common tracking methods from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.
	// Each tracking method detected will be send events from the HotDoc Online Bookings Widget.
	// You can remove platforms you don't need by deleting the section within the function below.
	function sendHotDocEvent(eventAction, eventLabel) {
		// Google Analytics (gtag.js)
		if (typeof gtag !== "undefined") {
			gtag("event", eventAction, {
				event_category: "HotDoc",
				event_label: eventLabel
		// Google Analytics (analytics.js)
		// "" is the default location for GA. If the GA object has been renamed, the standard GA snippet will
		// store the new name in "GoogleAnalyticsObject", so we check there too.
		var gaFunction = || window[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject];
		if (typeof gaFunction !== "undefined") {
			gaFunction("send", {
				hitType: "event",
				eventCategory: "HotDoc",
				eventAction: eventAction,
				eventLabel: eventLabel
		// Google Tag Manager Event
		if (typeof dataLayer !== "undefined") {
				event: "HotDoc",
				gaEventAction: eventAction,
				gaEventLabel: eventLabel
		// Facebook Tracking Pixel
		// Only tracks final event (patient-books-appointment) by default.
		if (
			eventAction === "patient-books-appointment" &&
			typeof fbq !== "undefined"
		) {
			fbq("track", "Schedule");
	function receivedHotDocConversion(e) {
		// Get metadata from the event fired by the HotDoc Widget
		var event = e.detail;
		// Step 1: 
		// The widget is loaded 
		if (event.code === "patient-sees-loaded-widget") {
		// Step 2: 
		// The patient interacts with the widget
		if (event.code === "patient-starts-triage-questions") {
		// Step 3: 
		// The patient books an appointment with the widget
		if (event.code === "patient-books-appointment") {
			var eventLabel = [,,
			].join(" - ");
			sendHotDocEvent(event.code, eventLabel);
	// Listen for events that are fired by the HotDoc Online Bookings Widget
	window.addEventListener("hotdocConversion", receivedHotDocConversion, false);


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